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Finding and sharing new love for self, people, food and my environment on the isle of South Korea.

The purpose of this blog is to share the things that I enjoy: living a healthy lifestyle, natural hair, DIY projects, positivity, travel, Korea and sewing. The only thing I am a professional in is being me, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

* I am not a medical practitioner nor am I a nutritionist. All recipes showcased here are taken from various sources, such as books, websites, word-of-mouth and my imagination. If you wish to incorporate any foods or methods from this blog into your daily life, please consult your personal medical practitioner before doing so.*

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It’s about that time for a challenge. But what oh what shall it be? Hair? Food? Exercise? Pole? Sewing?

these pants are HOT!

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Yasmeen for Giorgio Armani, f/w 1992/93

That dress is just beautiful!

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The day I worshiped the tights in Macys because look at all the beautiful colors they had! ♥

Pwahahaha. How cute!


Me and my Baby G #Blessed


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Heard of designers Ayanna and Asha?

They’re clothes look so comfortable. What I love about their designs is that, although it accentuates the female figure, it’s not skimpy or trashy…AND they’re from T&T. 

How did I stumble upon them? Was updating myself on CurlyNikki's site and read their interview

Hope you enjoy!

New shoes! It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve stabbed myself, instinctively grabbing the heel to take these shoes off. But they’re fly!


dat’s it.

she wifey.

Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. I love me some Zoe!

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Jaden always lookin like he’s distressed about something in the distance.

Two of my little favorites, besides my little ones!

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