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Last day on Gili Air. I’m going to miss this view.

Tonight’s my last night on Gili Air :( I leave in the morning for Bali once again. Being on an island, off of the island, was awesome! Sitting by the beach for breakfast, lunch and dinner was heavenly! Gili Air….I do adore you!

On the island of Gili Air. Today I decided that while on this beautiful island, I should take part in one of the water activities. Only downfall is I can’t swim. So I said “what the heck?!” and signed up for an introductory scuba diving course. My instructor,Tony, is a native of England but has been living on Gili Air for the past 3 years, living and diving. He was awesome! We started at 10am and went over some rules in the salt water pool first for about an hour or so.We broke for lunch, then around 2 pm we met up, loaded up the boat and went out for the dive. The ride out to the diving spot took about 20 minutes. When we got to the spot, tony explained how to get into the water, pulled me in and down we went. Well…not at first. I was a little scared and it took me a minute to calm down and regulate my breathing. When we finally got under water, I had Tony’s hand in a death grip!! I was scared! My first time diving. My first time this deep in the sea. Topped with the fact that I can’t swim? But after about 20 minutes I loosened my grip and let go every now and then. Underwater I saw some BEAUTIFUL fish! Yellow and black stripped, electric blue, green, white, fluorescent blue, small fish, big fish and sea turtles! Two of them. A couple maybe? It was an amazing experience that I want to try again. One word of advice for anyone who may get nervous underwater, remember to breathe! Normally when we get nervous we, for some reason, hold our breathes. Underwater your life literally depends on your breath. It can cause serious organ damage and, of course, death. So please remember to breathe! I encourage you to try something new. Take a course. Teach yourself how to do it. But take chances. Learn. Push yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much you will learn and accomplish once you mentally decide that you can do it.

This mornings breakfast view :)Peace