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The purpose of this blog is to share the things that I enjoy: living a healthy lifestyle, natural hair, DIY projects, positivity, travel, Korea and sewing. The only thing I am a professional in is being me, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

* I am not a medical practitioner nor am I a nutritionist. All recipes showcased here are taken from various sources, such as books, websites, word-of-mouth and my imagination. If you wish to incorporate any foods or methods from this blog into your daily life, please consult your personal medical practitioner before doing so.*

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If you ever get the chance to see Absinthe in Vegas or Empire (Coming to Sydney, Australia in January), definitely go!  Amazing show!




School for black civil rights activists; a girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, Virginia, 1960.
Eve Arnold


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My god this is beautiful!


I’ve recently fallen in love with Lianne. Her voice is so soothing, yet strong. Sexy! 

Good music

After a pretty long week, a friend and I sat down to watch a few documentaries this Friday. The options? FOOD! We browsed through several titles before settling on Simply Raw, which was a documentary following 6 people whom all suffered from both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The staff at a raw food clinic The Tree of Life claimed they would be able to cure every patient of their illness in 30 days WITHOUT medication, bysimply providing the patients with raw foods. Although some of the participants dropped out of the program, they all obtained amazing results. 

So after Simply Raw was done, I wanted to see more, so we watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I’ve seen Joe’s YouTube videos, but these were after his reboot. He was literally a different person. By the end of the film, Joe had assisted another sufferer, Phil, to his attainment of health. Phil’s transformation was another stunning one. 

Both my friend and I have been “into” healthy foods/lifestyle for a while. This past week I’ve changed my diet to a high/almost raw diet, and have been grateful for the results I’ve seen. However I felt as though I wasn’t trying hard enough and that I wasn’t getting enough of the nutrients that I needed. So I planned on taking this weekend to relax and green juice it up. Meaning I canceled pole…:( But amazing things are abound!

My friend and I decided to do a little juicing this coming week, starting yesterday. However, because I want to maintain, I will do it with a little twist. I’ll consume juices throughout the day, but at night time, I’ll have an avocado for the added fat. How much of an avocado? I’m not quite sure as yet. I simply don’t enjoy how much fat I lose while juicing. The idea is to do it for 7 days, Saturday-Saturday…the day before my birthday!!!!

Why do I want to do this if not for weight loss? Well, this time around, I just want my mind, spirit, and body to reset itself. Help my actions, spirit and mind become more in alignment with one another. I am looking for increased intellectual acuity, clearer skin, direct attention span, more energy (physical and mental), less mucus and just a happier outlook on life.

I can’t wait to see what will happen!


I’m in the process of organizing how I can tackle all of my passions simultaneously. A lot of what I want to do requires me to become more educated first. Searching for the right programs and paths to take while abroad is slightly overwhelming. However, it is soooo much fun! Discovering new studies, books, doctors, businesses, methods that I’ve never heard of before is so exciting. It’s invigorating! I have so much to look forward to in these next few months. Life is beautiful and full of mysteries to be solved. 

I’m hoping this quest to awesomeness helps me utilize the remaining 90% of my brain that we are said to tuck away in the attics.

Don’t allow an ounce of unpleasantness into your heart. Be careful how you respond to everything…even in thought.
Be committed to your growth.


Didn’t know the human body could do that.

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!


CFDC Debrief - Black Fashion Week Paris 2012

Designer: Elie Kuame

Photo Credit: Romain Nicolas

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These are gorgeous!