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100% what pole is to me!  <3

Yes. Yes and YES!!! The work is real.

I forgot how awesome pole makes me feel. I went to the studio today after not going for about 2.5 weeks. Although my session was short, I felt AMAZING afterward. I’m not sure what to attribute that feeling to. The fact that I’m contorting and lifting my body in ways I never thought were possible for me. So I’m surprised and proud of myself? Or is it that those endorphins really do kick in after all? Whatever it is. Whatever makes me feel  amazing and that I can do anything, is something I wish I can bottle and share with everyone. Confidence in yourself is something we all need to unleash our fullest potential in life. So whatever you do, if it makes you happy and feel on top of the world (granted it elicits no ill to others)…KEEP DOING IT!!! Poling makes me feel amazing and I’ll keep doing it until the day I physically can’t. 


I’m in the process of organizing how I can tackle all of my passions simultaneously. A lot of what I want to do requires me to become more educated first. Searching for the right programs and paths to take while abroad is slightly overwhelming. However, it is soooo much fun! Discovering new studies, books, doctors, businesses, methods that I’ve never heard of before is so exciting. It’s invigorating! I have so much to look forward to in these next few months. Life is beautiful and full of mysteries to be solved. 

I’m hoping this quest to awesomeness helps me utilize the remaining 90% of my brain that we are said to tuck away in the attics.

This year, my pole teacher and myself decided to have a Halloween Party at the studio. I haven’t been participating in Halloween too much since living in Korea, so this year I wanted to do something fun, creative and something I’ve never done before. So I decided to portray this look. I watched several videos, pictures and played in my makeup once before to get an idea of what to do for the day. 

I LOVED the result. I think it came out great for someone who never has the winged eyeliner the same on both eyes. 

This is the photo I had open while doing my face (found on google):

Before of me

After of Me:

I had so much fun with this. This was the first time I went all out with making myself up. The makeup took me over an hour to do. 

Some Youtube videos that I’ve seen and adored:

Emma Pickles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNQuZ4c34P8

MissLBailey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zQP1ruVpCE

destinygodley: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aooWLLSLVdg&feature=related

vintageortacky: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Q8H4eS-1A&feature=related

As you’ll notice I took pointers from all of them, decided what would suit me and performed. 

Yes! I poled in full face. SO.MUCH.FUN!

Today as I prep for my dance, I miss my lovers. ALL of them back home. I appreciate the new bonds Ive made but I miss my old chickies and dudes.

For the last couple of nights I haven’t been able to get some good sleep. When I hit the pillow, choreography and the manuscript I was writing for work were on my mind. Aaaaaahhh. But it’s all in good fun! Can’t wait for the vertical performance. In the words of Borat, I’m so excite! Let’s just hope this excitement allows me to get some restful sleep.

Fake it, til you make it!

Fake it, til you make it!


Didn’t know the human body could do that.

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!

And this is the end of the day message!

Practiced today. Banged my hip, got frustrated with choreo, FELL ON MY HEAD…pwahahaha, was tired and wanted to give up. Then I said…I LOVE THIS. I love the challenge it’s bringing me, hence the frustration and the falling. This just means that I need to step my game up. Work harder on strength, choreo and SLEEP MORE! 


I’ve got a Halloween Pole Party coming up in a few weeks that I’m prepping for. I LOVE this time of get choreography, fitness, costumes and arrangements together. It makes me feel alive!!!

Dude this is soooooo true!

Yesterday, in prep for our upcoming Halloween party/performance, I practiced my shoulder mounts. This is EXACTLY how I feel…on BOTH SHOULDERS! 

The nudity i think scares the nation as a whole because we are taught that nudity is a bad thing. But what i really learned was that when it was packaged the way i was, with no high heeled shoes or long hair or spinning around a pole or popping it, people have a hard time processing it when its not packaged for the consumption of male entertainment. They don’t know what to do with it or how to place it or what to say because surely a woman cant be intelligent enough to be making a point. It has to be for publicity or for sale.


Girls are strong too!!!! :)

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